Anae'Kaia (The High Faith) is the belief in, and worship of, a pantheon of eight deities. Primarily found in Anaetyr, Anae'Kaia is the official religion of the High Elven realm. Each of the eight deities rules over several aspects of the world, and are each tied to an element. These elements are the same eight elements that form the foundation for Anaetyne Magic, and most practitioners of Anaetyne Magic are devout followers of the associated deity, though it is not necessary. Each deity is revered in different aspects, the exact nature of each is often shrouded in legend and mystery, and are often topics of debate for Sacras (Priests).


Aeviria is the diety of the Sun, and effectively the ruling deity of the Anaetyne pantheon. They are the patron of both warriors and healers. Aeviria is seen as the progenitor of all the deities, and thus responsible for the creation of the world as we know it. Their palace, The Aevalum, is said to be built on the sun, and from that high perch, they can watch over all of us.

Faith and Followers

Almost every Anaetyne pays some sort of homage to Aeviria, as they are the ruler of the deities, but they also have more dedicated followers.

Sacraev (Sun Priests)
The Sacraev are the most numerous of Aeviria's followers, found in nearly every substantial population of Anaetyne, they teach of the Sun Deities' love for their people, and their fury for their enemies. They combine moderate knowledge of medicine with divine healing magic, and all are lightly trained in protective combat, though they only enter a fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Van'Aev (Sun Born)
The Van'Aev are made up of orphans, or children who have been forsaken by their parents. They have taken Aeviria as their parent, and work to bring them honor and glory. They have no home or base of operations, but roam Anaetyr in several moving camps, and they work to hunt down undead that terrorize the populace. They take no lovers, and bear no children, and their ultimate goal is to die in the service of the sun

Alluri tol Kacaev (Order of the Blazing Sun)
The Order of the Blazing Sun embody Aeviria's unbridled rage at monsters and evildoers, and regularly venture across the Sea of Mists to slay the dark denizens of Elat'mun. They are the most devout followers of any of the Anaetyne deities, and will brook no insult or heresy.


Aeviria's primary aspect is a benevolent Sun Deity who protects and heals their followers. Worship of Aeviria is popular in nearly every corner of Anaetyr. They are the ruler of the deities, and the most powerful of them.

When worshipped as Aevitara, the Sun Diety is seen as a parental figure, a patron of powerful healing and familial love. Their light closes wounds, and warms the hearts of those who are in pain.

When worshipped as Aevisera, the Sun Diety is an entity of battle, master of war. Their shining blade cuts down evil, and destroys corruption. Aevisera is full of rage, no mercy is found at their hand.


Anliyas is the deity of the Moon, often portrayed as the lover of Aeviria. They are seen as cold and calculating, a master of illusion, telepathy, and prescience and a the patron of both scholars and diplomats. It is said that Anliyas knows everything that has been, everything that is, and everything that will be. This knowledge is believed to have stricken them of all emotion, and now they sit alone in the tower of Anxaraon on the Moon, and just watches, waiting for destiny to play itself out.

Faith and Followers

Worship of Anliyas is not nearly as popular as that of Aeviria, though they are considered to be the second most powerful deity in the pantheon. Generally speaking, people believe that Anliyas will intervene when it is necessary for their destiny, whether or not someone prays to them. They are considered to be a deity who does not care if mortals worship them or not.

An'zitor (Moon Seekers)

The only public organized group who directly worship Anliyas, they believe that the Deity of the Moon was actually imprisoned in their tower by the other deities for telling them their destiny, and only through great effort by their followers can they be freed to take their rightful place as the head of the pantheon. The An'zitor are seen as a semi-dangerous cult in Anaetyr, and are not welcome in many places.

Yadri'an (Servants of the Moon)

The Yadri'an are a secret organization of spies and mental manipulators. Many people do not believe they exist, but those who do often disagree about their goals and leadership. Some say they directly serve the Vaesilokh of Anaetyr, others say they are spies-for-hire who will give you information on anyone for the right price. The leadership of Anaetyr refuses to confirm or deny the existence of the Yadri'an


Anliyas - Anliyas' primary aspect is seen as a scholar who prioritizes the collection of information above all else. Their great library in their tower is said to contain the entirety of mortal knowledge, and much more known only to the deities. In Anaetyr, to be considered a true master scholar, you must spend a night below the full moon and tell it everything you know. If you do this truthfully, and are deemed worthy by Anliyas, your eyes and hair will turn silver, and a the symbol of the Moon Deity will become emblazoned upon your forehead, with two smaller symbols that represent your field of expertise.

Anlithan - Anlithan is a manipulator, a charismatic diety with the ability to convince anyone of anything. If they told you the sky was down and the earth was up, you would spend the rest of your life walking on your hands. They are most often worshipped in this aspect by diplomats and charlatans, or anyone who is desperate to convince someone of something.

Antanos - Antanos is a seer, an oracle who knows all that can be, and all that will be. They are not worshipped, but sought out for advice. Some claim there is a small island in the Sea of Mists where you can find an Avatar of Antanos; who, for a hefty price, will tell you your future.


Sorana is the Diety of life and nature. They are the parent of all living things, and love all of them unconditionally. The only things they hate are destruction of innocent lives, and the undead, who are a perversion of their gift of life. While not as powerful as Aeviria, Sorana is a very popular diety in Anaetyr, worshipped primarily by farmers. They are also the patron diety of parenthood, love both platonic and romantic, and growth.

Faith and Followers

Most of Sorana's direct followers are farmers, for they bless their fields to grow their products strong and healthy. Other people who follow Sorana are hunters, who pray to them that their quarry does not suffer, and to keep their populations strong.

Sacresor (Life Preists)

The Sacresor have many duties in Anaetyr, and can be found nearly everywhere. They oversee births, and they help farmers who are having difficulties, and then tend to the forests to make sure they dont overcome civilization, and that civilization doesn't overcome them. The also perform special magical rites to allow same sex couples to have children, or to allow one to change the physical traits of their sex to match their identity.


Sorana - Sorana's main aspect is a life deity who watches over all living things. They grow trees, encourage the populations of animals, and oversee the birth of children in mortals. They are responsible for the creation of all living things, and it was they who granted their favorite creations, sentient mortals, with souls.

Sorgala - Sorgala is the deity of hunting. They watch over the fields and the hunters that their people might be fed to remain strong, but they also guide the arrows and traps of hunters that their animal children do not suffer needlessly. They forsake any who hunt for sport rather than for food, as well as anyone who makes a living creature suffer for sufferings sake.

Sordia - Sordia is the deity of farming, They help food grow and farmers remain prosperous.

Sorvana - Sorvana is the deity of love. They oversee all unions of love, be they familial bonds, friendship, or romantic love. They also are a fertility deity, who is prayed to when couples are attempting to conceive, and all throughout the pregnancy and birth.


Nuran is the deity of death, and the dead. Typically they are portrayed as a neutral judge of souls, who makes sure all who die and pass to their realm get what they deserve, be it reward or punishment. Long ago, Nuran was feared as the deity of death, but the centuries of death and war with the dead have made them such a commonplace deity, that their primary aspect is simply accepted and respected, rather than feared.

Faith and Followers

Nuran has few followers, mostly the priests who tend to the dead, though death cults and necromancers also worship one of their aspects.

Sacranur (Death Priests)

The Death Priests are in charge of the dead, and making sure they get their last rites and are treated properly. The Dead in Anaetyr are placed upon a stone slab, and then their heart is removed and destroyed. The Anaetyne believe that the heart is the seat of the soul, and as long as it is intact, the soul cannot move onto the next life. The souls of horrible criminals are not destroyed, but removed intact whenever possible and encased in amber, so that their soul is trapped forever in agony.

Nurzaroh (The Deathless)

The Deathless are a cult of assassins, said to work for anyone who can pay their fee and knows how to contact them. Most people believe in their existence, but few have ever seen them, and lived to talk about it. They have a reputation of doing whatever it takes to kill their target, and they are said to worship not just Nuran, but the concept of death. They rejoice in any death, even their own, perhaps in deliberate conflict with their name.


Nuran - Nuran's base aspect is an impassioned deity of death. They makes sure souls go to their designated afterlives. They oppose undeath, as it is an affront to them.

Nurash - Nurash is a twisted version of Nuran. Patron of necromancy, and master of the undead, they seek to destroy all life and rule an universe of the undead under their sole command.


Veneiros is the deity of Fire. They are a deity of creation, and therefore the patron of smiths, craftsmen, and artists. They are often considered the most passionate of the deities.

Faith and Followers



Faith and Followers



Faith and Followers



Faith and Followers
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