The Commission on the Demone del Sangue Population was created under the reign of Florina XVI in date. The commission has its origins in the Haus of Fonte, as a measure to protect the ruling families from the growing population of Blood Demons among the surging population in Pianto Dia Florina.

The commission is supported by the cities police force, primarily by their elusive network of spies. Their goal upon the creation of the commission was quite simple, protect the ruling elite. In order to accomplish this task, the commission was founded on two core principles which act as the tool in which actors may judge their necessary actions.

  1. Uncover the hidden demons in our midst
  2. Neutralize the threat

Haus Fonte, sensing a route to even greater strength, had taken the remarkable steps in interpreting the second principle. These demons once uncovered from their positions in the slums of society, which supply them with a plentiful supply of blood, are often first met with negotiation from warm and welcoming members of the Fonte family. Upon initial greetings, these demons are given an ultimatum, a choice in which to direct their lives underneath the sovereignty of the ruling crown. The two options are simple:

  1. Become an enemy of the state and prepare for a near-endless hunt for your extermination
  2. Join us.

Demone del Sangue

“Momma…. Momma. Wake up…” The young girl wept softly into the hardening skin of her mother, whose body laid silently before her, covered in teeth marks. The blood, now dried around her lips, had begun to stain the skin of both mother and daughter. Her tears were only silenced by the horrified screams of her father, who met his blood-stained daughter's eyes with a look of vile disgust.

It was only a day later when a knock came on her family's sewer-level residence door. By the time she had become aware of their new guest, she found herself cornered in the darkened family living quarters. Her father stood behind the doorway, his daughter's vision of him almost entirely blocked by the tall man who entered their home.

“To think your first victim was your very own mother… True filth.” The man said as he looked down upon the small girl, his lips curling into a smile as his eyes met the girls. Before speaking, the man crouched down to become eye-level with the child beneath him.

“It appears as though you've already made your first choice, I'm sure your mother was a fine woman. But, it is time you make your second. I'll give you two options, one more than any other person you'll ever meet again in your life.” He said, his deep voice radiated throughout the girl's head as he stood up and once again towered over her.

“Run away, and live a life dedicated to satisfying that feeling you got when you first savored the blood of your mother…” The man said, stepping to the side of the living quarters, allowing room for the girl to safely escape the environment.

“Or, allow us to fix you, and give you a purpose far greater than one destined to repetitively kill young mothers.” He said before reaching out the palm of his hand to the girl, who reacted with pure fear.

“Leave me alone! I didn't kill my mother!” The girl shouted before fleeing the scene through the vacated hallway. Her father watching the small figure disappear into the darkened, foggy sewer streets. “Will she?..” The middle-aged father asked before being interrupted by the mysterious man.

“You'll be fine sir, we'll take care of this from now on. Enjoy the rest of your evening, and do let us know if any other bite marks appear in your district.” The mysterious man said before collecting himself together and gently walking away, leaving behind the stunned father, who had little information on what was to happen to his daughter.

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