The Day of Charity is an annual holiday that occurs around the final weeks of winter. As the waters begin to warm once again and migrating fish return home to their native reefs, the citizens of Pianto Dia Florina gather to welcome the oncoming new spring, which is said to bring with it fresh new opportunities.

The day has many religious undertones to it, with many believing it is their duty to help those less fortunate than them who struggled during the short winter, which often brings with it food shortages. It is said that those who do their part and dedicate themselves to charity will have their year blessed by the Goddess Florina, who looks over the city with her maternal gaze.

While all citizens are culturally expected to participate in the events, the brunt of the laborious tasks are handled by the government. The Commission on Giorno delle Pietà is a government committee overseen by Haus Marcello, it was created with the goal of decorating the city streets with glimmering gold and ruby red cloths, and ensuring highly-valued donations by wealthy families and foreign dignitaries are distributed throughout the cities destitute.

Food is the primary resource exchanged between people during this holiday, as it is highly valued by the end of the winter months, but wealthier families often use the holiday times to exchange extravagant gifts between each other.

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