Obrexian Hunting Hound
General Information

Painting of The Obrexian Hunting Hound

Name: Obrexian Hunting Hound
Region: Obrexia
Population: Thousands, at the least.
Compartively giant dogs, they rise to be about 3.5 feet tall at the shoulder and about 5 feet long. Short and course coat, usually in the colours of brown, ginger, or black. Some hunting hounds develop spotting as they age, with large portions of their skin losing the pigment. It is said that you can tell the age of an Obrexian Hunting Hound by how much of its coat is white. Their eyes have a highly reflective quality allowing quite low light levels to be within their vision range.

Human bred and tamed, they spend almost all of their lives with one family unit. Weaned from mothers at around 6 weeks, they are placed with the family that they will remain with for generally the rest of their lives. Bonding is an extremely important step, as without it can lead to unmitigated aggression in the breed. Maturing at around 1 year after birth, they can reproduce for essentially the rest of their lives. They live to be around 15 to 20 years old, making them a great commitment. Even without bonding to a family group, they will tend to not harm children unless they feel they are being actively threatened. Currently, they are used as guard dogs and hunting companions, but being a family pet also folds into the equation.
Mating Habits
Maturing at a year of age, they can start reproducing, and won't generally stop at a certain age. Younger mothers usually have problems with their first couple of litters, but after that, they can successfully rear their young mostly unaided without loss of any of their pups. Many couplings are for life, as they can be fiercely territorial. They will push their young out of their space around the 12-week mark unless they are being actively trained to keep them around. One time mating is not uncommon, but it is not what is generally accepted as standard. Gestation is around 10-weeks, and weaning of young usually occurs around 6-weeks after birth.
Though they look like obligate carnivores, the truth is that they are fairly stable omnivores. They will eat grass as it helps maintain their coat, and vegetables aren't off the menu either. They prefer to eat meat as much as they can, but will spurn it if they have it for every meal. Dried jerky and preserved vegetables are the staple diet in the average Obrexian household. Never under any circumstances should they be allowed to eat Brite nor onions as they will seriously hurt their digestive systems.


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