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Jean-Pierre Challant has been the Comte of Martoise for two decades, and his experience and strong moral compass make him a powerful monarch. Nevertheless, the politics of his small realm pose a perpetual threat to his rule. As Jean-Pierre wrangles with the secretive and influential Church of Ántou, he must simultaneously confront a mysterious new menace from outside the realm.

All That I Can Give — Part 1

Moonlight on the Peaks

Voices in my Mind — Part 1

Voices in my Mind — Part 2

The Lost - Part 1


Blessed are the Meek

The Lost - Part 2

All That I Can Give - Part 2

Interlude: Alexandre

The Martoise monastery contains a plethora of ancient secrets that are studied in great depth by the monks who live there. This first-person lore series follows one such monk in training as he learns history, science, and ancient literature from the experts.

The Night of Whispers

The Catacombs

The Fountain

Addendum: Map of the Catacombs

Juillian's Lake

Martoise participates in the Sentence a Day challenge on the Candarion forums. For a compendium of this lore, click here.

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