Location Martoise
Current Ruler Jean-Pierre Challant (Nationally), Seigneur Reinald de L'Arbore (Locally)
Founder Unknown
Year of Founding ~400 FC

Poirante is a small village in northern Martoise, located at the base of the Déchirét Mountains and on the western banks of the Rivière de Verre Bleu, or the Blue Glass River. It is home to the L'Arbore Family, an old line of famous winemakers who produce some of the more famous Martois wine. It is thanks to the L'Arbores that, despite it's small size, Poirante is something of an economic hub in northern Martoise.

Technically, Poirante is owned by Seigneur Reinald de L'Arbore, the current patriarch of the L'Arbore family and owner of the L'Arbore Vignoble. Because de L'Arbore owns most of the land in the village, and because most of the residents living on that land work for him in the orchards, de L'Arbore is, in effect, the Lord of Poirante.

However, despite de L'Arbore's economical control of the region, true governance actually falls to the priests of the local Ántouïst chapel, who collect taxes from the residents of the village–even the L'Arbores themselves–and uphold laws on the orders of le Moine Principal and the Comte of Lamielle.

By far, Poirante's biggest product is its pears, and by extension its wine, which are in fact its only significant export. L'Arboire Wine is sold across Martoise, and even elsewhere in the Sybjyr on commission. The majority of the villagers work in the orchards picking pears to be exported or made into wine.

Also produced in Poirante are wheat, carrots, and potatoes, only a fraction of which are exported elsewhere, as they mostly go toward feeding the local population. Many residents also fish in the river at the east end of the village.

The only major export out of Poirante is wine, delivered by L'Arboire caravans to Lamielle for sale or further distribution. Because the caravans come from Poirante, there are no inns in the village. Travelers and traders are instead invited to spend the night in the Chapel, or even in the residents' houses if they have the room. This is rare though, as not much trade comes into Poirante that isn't delivered by L'Arboire caravans. Despite this, the trade that the caravans do bring is significant, and although few people find their way to Poirante, it remains a significant target of exported goods for other locations in Martoise.

It is unknown who founded Poirante, or when, but historians estimate that the village has existed in some form for about 600 years, putting its founding somewhere around 400 FC. The pear orchards themselves, Poirante's most significant commodity, have actually not existed nearly as long. Evidence suggests that the orchard was formed around 300 years ago (~700 FC), placing it several decades before the widespread sale of L'Arboire wine. Prior to this, the village was fairly isolated, likely subsisting entirely on local agriculture.

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