Location Martoise
Current Ruler Jean-Pierre Challant (Nationally), Charles Laurent (Locally)
Founder Unknown
Year of Founding ~400 FC

Mercielles is a small town located in Southern Martoise. It is primarily known as a quarry town, however it also boasts expansive fields providing much of the food for the local area.

Mercielles is ruled mostly by the local leader and majority landowner, Charles Laurent. Although he does retain a council of lesser lords, there has been controversy in the past due to Charles' tendency to ignore their counsel. The main governmental divide comes largely to due the disagreements between Charles and the wealthy lords that run the quarry on the towns borders. Unlike a quarry run out in the wilds, deep in the mountains, Mercielles' quarry is close to town and therefore subject to mayoral oversight. While working conditions can't be considered stellar, with working men sleeping in tents just outside the quarry walls, if left to their own devices the quarry lords might consider a downgrade in working conditions for an upgrade in profit.

While produces an impressive amount of granite and stone through it's quarry, most of it is used in local construction, rather than being exported throughout the region. Some of the non-granite stone is distributed to local areas to help construction, including the local monastery.

The fields outside the town grow mostly grain but also some potatoes and other ground foods. Much of this is exported to bolster the local food stores.

The oldest standing structure is the domed rotunda near to the local chapel. This building is an important cultural site with the chapel being purposely built in close proximity to it for those reasons. The current belief among the locals is that the town was founded due to the religious significance of the site, but this has yet to be confirmed or denied by anyone of note.

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