Location Martoise
Current Ruler Jean-Pierre Challant (Nationally), Segnieur Edmond Vandame
Founder Segnieur Hector Gueguen
Year of Founding Unknown; sometime between the Cataclysm and 0 AP

Chamert is a farming town located on the northern border of Martoise and Bastienne. Initially founded to support Fort Gueguen, located in the center of the town, Chamert's importance has dwindled over the years. Nowadays, the fort is manned with minimal staff thanks to good relations between Martoise and Bastienne, and although Chamert maintains a culture of frontier independence, it is little more than a rest stop for caravans heading toward Lamielle.

Chamert has been ruled by the Vandame noble family since around 200 AP. The Vandames prefer to govern with kindness and make a point of integrating themselves into the town culture, leading to a somewhat hands-off approach to the law. And although Fort Gueguen is the most distinctive location in the town, the troops there have no real power over the citizens. Chamert is very much a self-reliant and self-governing settlement.

Chamert's main exports are wheat and wool. Large fields of grain surround its landscape, while farmers shear mountain goats to provide wool for Lamielle's textile industry. Although Chamert does has domesticated goats, it does not produce cheese. This is because its proximity to the sea makes the climate too humid to properly age the cheese. While some farmers make small quantities of fresh cheese, it is for personal use and is not exported.

Fort Gueguen was constructed during the Dántaine Dark Ages to protect Martoise against invasion from the north. Segneiur Hector Gueguen, a high-ranking commander in the Martoise military, was assigned to defend this chokepoint, and did so successfully until his death, fending off several attacks from Bastienne and other Dántaine realms. Over time, Chamert grew into a farming town with the goal of supporting the soldiers stationed in the fort. After several decades, Chamert was conquered by Bastienne and Jean Gueguen was killed, with a new noble family being instated. However, the town was recaptured soon thereafter and has remained in Martois hands ever since. Following the Great Treaty, Martoise and Bastienne have had peaceful relations, and while Fort Gueguen is still manned, it is with a significantly reduced force.

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