Helian Heavy Draft

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Art by Kalo (DPanther)

Massive horses, so huge they have been compared to elephants. They are docile but dangerous animals. Many of the large trails that have become major roads were caved by the Heavy Draft. Few creatures even monsters dare to engage them due to their strength and deceptively fast bursts of speed. Domesticated heavy Drafts serve as work animals, and very few of them have been used in war, although their function is more of battering rams than the skillful speed and power that a traditional war horse can provide.

Farriers in Helios are not created equal, there are those who specialize in caring for the hooves of the massive Helian heavy draft. They often travel from settlement to settlement, bringing a mobile shop with them that includes a mobile horse crush, that allows them to support the weight of the creature's huge hooves and replace the worn shoes, trim hooves and generally care for the creatures. They will work in tandem with the town smiths if available but if not they are able to do some minor smithing work with local heat. The average shoe for a Heavy Draft can weigh between ten and fifteen pounds, with another half pound of weight in the nails.

The Ferrier crew consisted of four to five persons with one of them being considered the master farrier, who does the final trim of the hooves and the final fit of the shoe. The others are considered assistants and help in moving the huge shoes, corralling the animal and the general maintenance of the equipment. Some Ferrier’s are accompanied by an apothecary who specializes in treating animal injuries and ailments. This service is uncommon though as it often ups the price substantially. The crew travels in a wagon pulled by a heavy draft that carries all of their supplies and serves as a living quarters. The crush for the horse is either foldable and attached to the side of the wagon or pulled behind it on a set of removable wheels.

When the Farriers arrive they often stay for about a week and do all of the heavy drafts in the area, while not all of the horses need shoes they generally all have their hooves looked at and a general check up although most Heavy Draft owners are fairly skilled in caring for their own animals.

Some especially large settlements like Hyperion, Westport or Orbitus have dedicated farriers who have free standing shops and have the animals come to them. Oftentimes merchants will wait until they reach one of these places to have their animals serviced as the permanent nature of these farriers mean they see a lot of horses and are considered especially skilled in their trade.

Height: Between 10 - 12 ft at the withers

Length: 20-25 feet

Weight: 5000 - 8000 lbs

Coloration: They have a ride range of earth tone colors from light brown and spotted to jet black.

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