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Bryborough is a sovereign city state on the Sybjyr Continent nestled in-between Baungrvuor and Oniganche, founded in 28 S.C. by five Keran merchant families who were henceforth known as the Five Families.

The area Bryborough occupies was originally inhabited by a people known as the Kirreca who have since been expelled to the north and west of the territory. Bryborough is heavily reliant on the trade empires that it's merchant families have carved out and is not remotely self-sufficient. As such it's merchant families are required to sustain large naval forces in order to protect it's trade routes, making it the dominant force in the South Sybjiri sea.

The city is named after the Bryce Family who were honoured with naming the city after losing most of their members and resources in the Kenburg Civil War.

The Five Families govern the city as an oligarchy with state functions divided up between them, usually corresponding to their percieved power.

Realm Information
Name Bryborough
Founding 28 S.C.
Ruler The Five Families
Capital Bryborough Borough
Religion Ántouïsme
Races Within Human(Kirran), Human(Deowish)
Demonym Bryborough
Languages Kirranese, Dántais (Religious Ceremony)

The Pre-History
See (The Pre-History) for more detailed information

Bryborough’s founding has it’s roots in the Kenberg Civil War, a conflict between the Five Families and King Wulfstan, the monarch of Kenberg. The Kenberg Civil War was triggered by the sacking of the palace of the Bryce Family by King Wulfstan who was seeking to assert his authority over the merchant families in his kingdom. This triggered a civil war which saw him soon lose control over most of his kingdom, however in a decisive battle known as the Battle of Kenburg the forces of the Five Families were defeated by King Wulfstan. Following this battle due to the betrayal of the Five Families by mercenary forces they had hired King Wulfstan was able to evict the Five Families from Kenberg forcing them to seek a new home elsewhere.

The Founding
See (The Founding) for more detailed information

See (Ántouïsme) for more detailed information Ántouïsme

Household Guard

See (Household Guard) for more detailed information

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