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Pianto Dia Florina
Sussurrare, Kry

“There's no mystery quite like history…” - Sebastian

There is little information on the origins of these people, primarily due to the hidden-nature of the small collection of, presumably, humans. Few historians have spent the needed time researching the history of these people, as the realm leadership of the two major realms that host these people are infamously uncooperative.

The few that have spent their lives attaining slivers of data, have concluded the people are human, and likely originated from the same continental region as the Kry people. Text sources, dated from the period shortly before the Arcosian downfall, make note of a lineage of families whose features closely align with the visual appearance of the people now in Pianto Dia Florina. Using these limited sources of dated information as guides, historians believe these people to be descendants of the same collection of families, tracing to a time before the Arcosian downfall.

“Sometime's paranoia is just having all the facts…” - William S. Burroughs

This subset of humanity exists in essentially 15 families, with 10 major ones and 5 minor ones. These family units intermarry between each other in order to produce offspring, but are distinctly different from one another culturally and have different areas of economic expertise. In general, the main industries of Pianto City are each controlled by a specific family, in which they are each trying to surpass the others in terms of wealth.*(A)

Culturally and in times, philosophically, wealth is truly the only thing that is believed to have intrinsic value among these peoples. Wealth is believed to be a result of happiness, wherein happiness is instrumental to the goal of attaining more financial gain.

Families are led by the eldest in their family, whether they be male or female matters none. The head of the family acts more like a mentor to the family, rather than a dictator. Members who prove themselves effective at their jobs are typically rewarded the more lucrative positions in industrial leadership.

“Sexuality is the lyricism of the masses.” - Charles Baudelaire

According to cultural norms in place amongst this small and isolated community, men and women are expected to equally participate in family affairs, these include as officials in the family business, and as political representatives for their respective families. Whichever individual has the most political and financial favor, typically holds the position of power in any scenario, regardless of their gender.

Marriage is strictly kept between young men and young women, as a marriage is considered a business agreement between two families. The male in the relationship is expected to participate in his wife's family affairs and is no longer considered part of his original family. Since weddings are kept between teenagers, this young male will be taken under the wings of his new wife's elders in her family and shown how the family business operates. They will be expected to produce offspring following the successful implementation of their adulthood into the workforce.

Child-rearing is considered a laborious task reserved for those being paid to perform it. Raising a child is distinctly separate from the responsibilities of the parents, and typically done by highly-skilled paid service providers. Parents hold a more managerial position over their children and ensure they are progressing in meaningful ways that will lead to a successful future in their family business. This management of children is either done by their biological parents of either sex, or just one of them, or by neither of their biological parents and instead by some other family elder. It really depends on the individual circumstances of the family, with families taking on slightly different systems to fit their needs.

Sexuality among this community is unique in that those in a marriage are expected to produce children, but it's more a commitment to family rather than a desire to have sex. It is quite common for individuals in these scenarios to opt-out of intercourse and instead rely on artificial insemination methods.

Recreational sex is common amongst individuals, but kept out of the public eye and often to the scrutiny of others. Sex outside of the marriage is not taboo, but sex with a member from a particularly unfriendly family in relation to your own is incredibly scandalous. Therefore, it's actually really common for members of this group to pay outsiders from their isolated community to have sexual relationships with. Both men and women will pay outsiders to visit them in privacy and keep their meetings in seclusion, rather than traverse the hypocritical and often sabotaging cultural beliefs held onto sex within their own group.

Homosexuality/Bisexuality is of little importance to these people. Gay individuals are expected to still produce offspring and refrain from relationships that aren't beneficial for the family. Being caught in a homosexual relationship is not taboo, as long as it's done privately, as with any other sexual relationship.

  • Haus Marcello - Luxury Clothing
  • Haus Palmio - Arcos Affairs Management

“I died for beauty - but was scarce” - Emily Dickinson

There are some core physical attributes that all members of this human race share, without exclusion, and without them would presumably not be accepted as descendants.

  • Porcelain-white skin, which even in the ocean sun remains a delicately soft pale hue.
  • White to light-blonde hair, which naturally has a straight and silky texture to it.
  • Light gray eyes
  • Cold-blooded(*B)

Other physical attributes are widely seen across the people, but not core to their identity. Individuals within the race may have some varying degree of these features.

  • An average male height of [6'4 - 6'8]
  • An average female height of [6'0 - 6'4]
  • A slim, slightly athletic build, as they cannot hold excess body-fat.
  • Longer fingers than usual for humans.

Listed are some common traits that members of this human race share.

  • Higher level of susceptibility to illness

(*A) The reason there is a very specific number of families is that there is one family per major industry. Without an industry to support a family, they won't survive in the political and often emotional turmoil that is the culture among these people. Therefore, when a new industry is discovered, it opens a possibility for a new family to form by breaking away from an existing one. However, an existing family may simply add that industry to their arsenal if they are able to secure the skills needed to operate it effectively.

(*B) As a result of their cold-blooded bodies, they can usually be seen wearing heavy clothing, even in the brightest of days. Fur and other luxury products that specialize in warming comfort are especially popular among these people.

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