Anaetyne (High Elves)

Total population
a whole bunch
Regions with significant populations

The Anaetyne High Elves are the result of the mixing of the older Aevtyne (Sun Elves) and Antyne (Moon Elves) who in turn, were descendants of the truly ancient Aevantyne (Sky Elves). When the first Anaetyne were recorded, scholars named them Aevantyne, assuming the re-mixing of the Sun and Moon elf blood had brought back the elven race of old, but several noticeable differences became apparent, leading to the founding of a new elven race, the High Elves, born from unity between two former rivals. Over time, all the Sun and Moon Elves either bred into the High Elf race, or died out, leaving the Anaetyne the only remaining elven race in Anaetyr.

Magic is said to be an innate part of every Anaetyne, though many never learn to harness it, and still more only learn minor tricks.

Anaetyne have an average height of 5'10-6'. They are lithe, even when very well muscled they gain little mass from it, remaining thin and wiry. Anaetyne elves possess only one gender, and while they have slightly feminine traits by many races standards, they are very androgynous to most other races. Eye color ranges throughout the spectrum of all colors, with gold and silver being relatively more common than others. Hair color is much the same as eye color. More outlandish eye and hair colors are mostly found amongst High Elves that are particularly magically gifted, with the color of the hair and eyes corresponding to the type of magic they will be best at. Skin color is fair, bordering on pale for most of the elves.


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