Placement Realm Name Total Points
1st Obrexia 9
2nd Pianto Dia Florina 7
3rd Sogadar 5
4th Kisaevin 3
Sucia 2
Aiolia 2
Kryizon 1
Anaetyr 1
Coghan 1
Martoise 1
Teltebhan 1

Participation Point = 1 | 3rd Place = 2 | 2nd Place = 3 | 1st Place = 4

The history regarding the collapse of the Arcosian Empire is vague at best, various peoples and groups all disagreeing on the reason and the following events.
However, there is one thing that remains consistent in every story. When the collapse began, a great comet, with a tail of every color imaginable appeared in the sky and worked its way across the heavens. By the time it left, the collapse of the empire, and many other civilizations as a result was irreversible.
Now, a thousand years later, the comet has come again. Realms all over Candarion gaze to the sky and see the great comet slowly inching its way across the firmament. Some say it is a sign of a new disaster, others claim it is a sign from the gods to reach for more glory. The possibilities are endless. One thing is certain though, when the Great Comet passes, the Realms of Candarion are sure to change, though, for the better or worse, none can say.
Realm Stories
Story Title Realm
Story Title Realm
Story Title Realm
Story Title Realm
Story Title Realm
Story Title Realm
Story Title Realm
The Sun settled down below the horizon and the moon rose to take to its place, but no one expected what would happen next. The moon slipped across the sky and touched the horizon, but the sun didn't rise as its opposite. The moon slipped down below the horizon and true darkness touched every corner of the world.
The next night, the moon rose, untouched and unphased by the absence of it celestial partner.
For a full week, the sun never rose, then like someone pulling back the shade the sun appeared in the sky, slowly at first until it was fully illuminated in the noon sky.
Realm Stories
The Conquest of Sakunda Kryizon
The Siege of Lian Obrexia
From Sucia to Isara, the sea has been plagued by pirates. Their ships are foreign in make, tying them to no known realm in the region. Low set in the water with powerful triangular sails. They are fast, able to overtake many ships with ease and outrun pursuers with just as much speed.
Ships in the region have been plagued by the attacks, often 3 or more of these ships appear with an unnatural fog and attack, sometimes successful other times not. Goods and people have been snatched never to be seen again. The ships leave and the fog leaves with them. The boarding parties and quick and silent, composed of a mix of races, but mostly human.
The pirates are known as the Black Fog in Isara.
How will the realms of Candarion deal with this new threat? Will they come together? or will each nation take their own steps to defend their cargo. Until this is solved, trade in the region will continue to suffer.
Realm Stories
A Light in the Fog Aiolia
Fog against Mist Anaetyr
Time to write those spooky stories Candarion! Show us some awesome spooky stories or entries.
The dreaded terror of the seas has returned with a vengeance. Their ships are stifling trade and raiding coastal settlements. To deal with this threat, your realm must grow its relationship with surrounding realms.
For this Lore/Build Contest I want to see a Culturally or Religiously significant site, and an associated piece of lore for that creation. This contest is meant to show that relatively small things can have large impact. There are some rules to follow for this
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