Codex is a formal language used sometimes by wealthy, high class Inoans of Alnoa. This is especially the case on the main island. The langauge was created during Inoa Ranas' golden age by a secret society known as “Auri Mura” specifically to have a “regal-sounding” secret code. They preached violent and severe nationalism of the main island, leaving “lesser islands” without citizenship and proper rights. Eventually these ideas became more prevalent in the zeitgeist of that era and many Auri Mura officials were incorporated into a newly formed legislature, the Alu Ransmat. These motions passed in the Magistrate and were soon being applied. Rather than become second-class citizens, however, the settled islands simply banded into several island kingdoms and severed connections to the mainland. Tensions rose between the island kingdoms and the mainland, but also within the mainland itself due to a lack of luxuries from surrounding islands. This came to a head during the Golden Riots where several ransmas were forcibly removed by citizens and a majority of the guard and the Auri Mura was disbanded. Despite this, the Alu Ransmat itself was kept and Codex preserved its status as a language of high prestige. Nowadays Codex is still used, but mainly for individual phrases used in law, politics, and business (much like modern usage of real-life Latin). Only occasionally is Codex spoken in any more than a sentence. The most notable istance of this being during Alu Ransmat meetings.

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